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There is no doubt information technologies experience the rapid and aggressive changes, and we must keep up the pace to be competitive. Despite that, the key principle of our approach is accurate and certain: the end product shall be persistent, reliable and predictable in work for the users and customers. To achieve that goal we always work with passion and commitment, progressively mastering our proficiency alongside the workflow.


We won't listen to you - we'll hear you to deeply identify all the specific needs you have.
We won't avoid the problems - we'll find and solve them. All to meet your every single demand.
We won't work to satisfy you - we'll work to make you happy of a product we deliver.

fedir zavodovskiy

Fedir Z.

CTO & Java, Android software developer

Software engineer and team lead with 6 years of professional experience in Java and Android development.

* Java web-services: JavaSE, javaEE, Servlets, REST, SOAP, Spring frameworks, Jersey, Spark, Google App Engine, JDBC, JDBI, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, H2, Lombok, Payment integration, JavaMail, JUnit, social APIs, EJB, JavaScript, Ajax, JSF, Push Notifications for iOS (APN) and Android (GCM and FCM); log4j2, Tomcat, Jetty

* Android: Android SDK, Social integration, Retrofit as REST API client, Google Maps, Notifications, background services, core Graphics, core Animation, core Data, GreenDAO;

* Java desktop: Swing, JavaFX; SQLite, PostgreSQL; JavaMail; voice recording; Graphics2D; Multithreading; imgscalr (image formating); jsoup (html parsing).

I have excellent organizational skills, responsibility, communication, honesty, learning. And I like to take on interesting projects.

Kathrine A.


I am a UI/UX designer with 4 years of experience in web (blogs, personal websites, landing pages, catalogs, etc.) and mobile design. I work with Abobe Photoshop, Illustrator; CMS WordPress and Joomla. Also I know basics of html and css.

My design is responsive, beautiful, well organised, reflects the best of my client, but also oriented on user and communication. As my first education is psychological I can understand both clients and users needs and implement design with considering all properties of perception.

My wish is to make life of people more comfortable and easy with beautiful design solutions.


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