Website Design & Development

Your website is a very important component of your company’s brand today. We work with you to develop a user experience which express your corporate identity beneficially in the eyes of visitors. Portable devices make mobile web design a necessity so all our solutions are good both mobile and desktop. Websites can be developed from scratch. You can get website design, html5 coded pages or more complex and flexible solutions.

Mobile Apps Development

Our team is good at building impressive Android applications. Mobile apps today are the most popular way to stand out with business and personal ideas in the market. If you need to build an app from scratch and promote you ideas in the most modern way, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Have a try, write us the boldest your ideas.

Back-end Development

Back-end services work with mobile and web applications. We provide reliable, documented, high-level code (mainly on Java). They can be SaaS (Software as a Service) and BaaS (Backend as a Service). Lots of startups choose SaaS. It runs on cloud. BaaS provide API and additional services like storage, Analytics, Push notifications, dashboards, social integration. BaaS is highly recommended for fast development with a stable backend.

Programming optimization of business processes

We will analyze your business and provide solutions for best optimization in IT promotion. Also we provide software support and redesign for better appeal, effective performance and user interaction.

Desktop development

Desktop is alive! Convenient, lightweight, beautiful solutions for Desktop projects.

Database development

A database is an organized collection of data. It is present in most progressive and complex web services and apps for different tasks.