Psychodiagnostic Game “Find The Way” [Java Desktop]

The method for diagnostic of Perceptive Anticipation in the form of the computer game “Find The Way».

Developed on Java using Swing. 

This diagnostic method – is a criterion-oriented test, built on the theoretical criteria for evaluating the level of person’s ability to cope with certain type of problems.

Player should pass Levels of the game by drawing lines for the ball to roll to the rectangle. Levels has different difficulty. There is a time limit, so gamer needs to pass all levels in time for the best result. At the end of the game gamer gets characteristics of his Anticipation Abilities. The calculations are based on psychological scientific data and research. The Game is verified in the series of psychological experiments.

Test levels are built on tracking a moving object, predicting it’s behavior and creating paths. The final aim is the ball entering the restricted area on screen.

Diagnosed indicators: the overall level of anticipation, as well as six additional indicators (speed, accuracy and other psychological features gamer’s anticipation).

Level Examples:

level_example2  level_example1